Total Promotion brings to your door step promotional content that will add value to your listings through crisp photography, easy to read floor plans and creative films.

90% of buyers start their search online and scroll through hundreds of properties. You have one chance to make that outstanding impression that will make them stop and pick up the phone to call you.

Topr aspires to deliver a unique service, which will allow clients to add value & grow their brand image in an ever changing marketing environment.



In order to achieve our vision we will:

  • Continuously ensure that we professionally deliver high quality products with which our clients can identify.
  • Consistently add value to our clients’ brands and enhance the promotional experience.
  • Stay up to date with global trends.
  • Ensure we communicate efficiently with our clients.


To be recognised as the leaders in delivering innovative promotional tools for the real estate market in South Africa.


Julienne Heath


Julienne’s working history is continually drawing from the same skill sets across different industries.

She gained valuable experience and a solid understanding of presentations, growing a brand, whilst not forgetting, the important factor of attention to detail.